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Blast Films

When most self respecting teenagers are out swigging supermarket cider, the Blast Films gang were producing intoxicating, action packed movies.

Most of the gang met as youth members of the Stockport Garrick Theatre where they performed together in plays as diverse as Massacre at Peterloo and Ernie's Incredible Hallucinations. The gang included actors, writers, directors and producers - a kind of Cambridge Footlights of the North.

Armed with nothing more than a two quid cine camera from a jumble sale, they simply learned their trade as they went along.

(Not to be confused with the other Blast Films that makes boring 'innovative, stylish and compelling' stuff. As if you would.)


Blast Filmography

Super 8mm Cine (1985-1989):
Quest for the GM Bus Timetable
The Dead Spooky Path
Albert Plughole PI
Star Trek
Mission: Impossible
Lost in Space
Attack of the Giant Tortoise
The Fantasy Zone
Land of the Giants
Plastcine Animation

Video (1990-1998):
The Doll
Goodbye My Deadly
Silence Is...

All the World's a Silver Screen
I Was a Fifty Foot Fuhrer
Sherlock Holmes: The Adventure of the
               Misguided Idealist (trailer only)

Where are they now?
The Blast Films gang today
Catch up with the Blast Films gang...

Interrail Tales

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I Was a Fifty Foot Fuhrer
Action from I was a Fifty Foot Furher

Director: Mike Cummins
Mike Cummins

Cast: Adam Williams, Sally Rycroft, Max Townsend, Robert Clayton, Gareth Podmore, Keith Emmerson, Michael Brooks, Paul Metcalfe, Pat Dixon

The Fourth Reich has been hiding in the basement of a scout hut for fifty years, but a freak accident unleashes a huge Adolf Hitler on the tranquil British countryside.
Can Mr H be stopped before he destroys the BBC and its archive of 1966 World Cup video footage?

Sherlock Holmes
Action from Sherlock Holmes

Director: Mike Cummins
Mike Cummins

Cast: Robert Clayton, Max Townsend, Michael Brooks, Adam Williams, Sally Rycroft, Gareth Podmore, Jackie Williams

The unfinished masterpiece! Holmes and Watson are up against a time traveling beatnik armed with atomic letter-bombs and a laser-sighted blowpipe. Dig it?

Superman Soars

Director: Mike Cummins

Cast: Adam Williams, Max Townsend, Michael Brooks, Keith Emmerson, Mike Cummins

Deep in Delamere Forest (just north of Metropolis), Lex Luther uses an atomic bomb to lure the Man of Steel into a trap. Can Superman save the simple folk of rural Cheshire? You'll believe a man can fly (almost)!

Albert Plughole PI
Albert Plughole speeds to the rescue

Director: Mike Cummins

Cast: Max Townsend, Michael Brooks, Adam Williams, Keith Emmerson, Tim Naughton

Private Investigator Plughole and his trusted sidekicks foil a plot to blow up Marple Bridge.
Everybody's favorite Blast prop - the 'bomb' makes its first appearance in our tribute to Indiana Jones.

Lost in Space
Lost in Space

Director: Adam Williams

Cast: Max Townsend, Michael Brooks, Sally Rycroft, Keith Emmerson, Mike Cummins, Mark Levy

When a mysterious alien kidnaps Penny it's left to Zachary Smith and young Will to save her. Along the way they are attacked by a killer bush and Major West's ghost. Boasts the biggest cast of any Blast Super-8mm movie.

There's loads more Blast Films waiting to be uploaded, so come back soon...