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Digital Photography

Canon's Online SLR Simulator

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Animations: Some of the SlideShares on this page contain animations (such as demonstrating shutter speeds). These will not play on this page. I recommend you download those presentations from SlideShare (click on their icon below each presentation) and view them in PowerPoint.


Focal Lengths and DOF:

Shutter Speed (contains animations):


White Balance (contains animations):

File Formats and MegaPixels:

RAW Format (contains animations):

High Dynamic Range Explained:


Photoshop Channels Explained (important - contains animations, download to view):

Photoshop Tutorials


The Three Golden Rules of Photoshop
Move Tool | Layers | Selections (handout)

Identifying the Work Area (handout)
What is a Layer? (handout)
Create a New Blank Document (handout)
The Transform Tools (handout)
Fixing Wonky Horizons (handout)
The Clone Tool (handout)
The Healing Brush (handout)


3D Anaglyph Photos (handout | tutorial files)
Faking Product Shots (handout | tutorial files)
Flawless Flesh (handout | tutorial files)
Channels Explained (powerpoint download)
Faking B&W Infrared Photos (handout | tutorial files)
Adding Rain to your Photos (handout | tutorial files)
Adding Lightshafts to your Photos (handout | tutorial files)
Resizing Images for Websites with Photoshop (handout)
Making a Banner for your Website with Photoshop (handout)

Photoshop Elements

Most of the above Photoshop tutorials should work in Elements, but here's a few written specifically for Elements. If your version of Elements is below version 10 download the PSE7 version of the tutorials.

Tilt-Shift Effect in Photoshop Elements (PSE7 handout | PSE10 handout | files)
Layer Masks in Photoshop Elements (PSE7 handout | PSE10 handout | files)

High Dynamic Range

High Dynamic Range (HDR) is a method of combining several different exposures of the same image to produce one final image with a lot of punch! See SlideShare/PowerPoint in the main column on this page for more details
(shooting for HDR)
(HDR from a single image)
(PSE7 HDR from three images)
(PSE10 HDR from three images)
(tutorial files)


Pixlr is a cloud based alternative to Photoshop (start pixlr now)
Resizing Images for Websites with Pixlr (free) (handout)
Making a Banner for your Website with Pixlr (free) (handout)


More Free Alternatives

Forget the saucy name - this is as near as you'll get to a free version of Photoshop. PC and Mac.
(download from website)

PhotoFiltre v7
A great little editor that easily matches Photoshop Elements. PC only.
(download from website)

...Portable versions of both these programs are available - simple download them to a USB stick and start editing - no installation required. Search on Portable Freeware

Fast Start to Photoshop Tutorial Files

Session 1
[layers / selection / clone]
Session 2
[transform / blend / colour fix / filters]
Session 3
[set up new documents / flyer project]